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Welcome to Manit Farm

SuperBlack and SuperRed are very resistant to disease. They have good appetite and are fast-growing in various conditions of fresh and brackish water. They grow fast in both earthen pond and fish cage. They allow shorter cropping or rearing period, which can extremely satisfy the fish farmer due to the instant greater Profitability

Tilapia Genetics Center

Tilapia Genetics Center was established in 2007 by the collaboration of Manit Farm and Akvaforsk Genetics Center from Norway, with over 30 years of its expertise in aquatic animal breeding and selection. We harmonize our own 20-year experience in Tilapia farming with the experience in aquatic animal breeding and selection and the latest technology of the scientists from Akvaforsk Genetics Center to develop and fine-tune our Tilapia and Red Tilapia strain.

At Manit Farm, we truly believe that good strain equals profitability of the farmer. Therefore, we have put together our efforts to do research and seek for a certain attribute that meets the need of our farmers in various conditions, and set it as our work target in our comprehensive genetics development program. The result showed that the prominent attributes of Tilapia that our customers need are; resistance to disease, fast growth, small head, thick ridge, and overall meaty.

Then our mission commenced by the collection of over 6 strains of Tilapia and Red Tilapia, each of which possessed the prominent genetic quality in one way or another, from Thailand and overseas countries to use for the selection by Family Selection principle; selecting dominant attribute from each generation of the parent brood fish, using microchip identification for back tracing and accurate analysis. With the dominant genetic attributes collected and passed on through generations.

Eventually, we achieved the first generation of SuperBlack Nile Tilapia and SuperRed Red Tilapia in 2009. Both SuperBlack and Super Red are robust, disease resistant, good appetite, good growth in diversified condition in either fresh or brackish water, either in earthen pond or fish cage. The fish grow fast and allow a shorter rearing period, resulting in a very satisfying crop management and obviously more profitability.