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“Fry from Manit Farm grows faster and yields better weight”
“Manit Farm can be the top of the ladder in Tilapia”
“Small head, thick ridge, grow fast, good appetite, disease resistant, high survival”
“Only four months and I can have the marketable size”

Amnuay Narathong, Nakorn Pathom Province (Central Area)

Small head, thick ridge, good shape, fast growth, good appetite, disease resistant and high survival rate
From my experience I had never get up to 2 tons per rai in 6 months, but with SuperBlack, last crop I achieved more than 2 tons and all sold out so fast. The market preferred it because after 4-5 days of harvest, they were still in good shape

Chokchai Larbpeut-udom, Ratchaburi Province (Central Area)

It’s outstanding. The fry are disease resistant, good growth, high survival rate. They feed better,and gain more meat. SuperBlack has 75%-85% survival rate. Moreover, I am impressed by customer care and service. If I had any problem with my fry, I could always contact the farm. This particular breed is highly recommendable because of its high survival. Manit Farm can be at the top of the ladder in Tilapia circle.

Amnart Hongjorn, Samutprakarn Province (Central Area)

Tilapia from other farm cannot reach 3 kgs in 2 years while SuperBlack can. The strength of SuperBlack is its appetite, it feeds so well. It feeds actively above water surface, just like silver carb. While other farms take 10 months to reach marketable size, SuperBlack only takes 8 months; 2 months is really big different.

Wichian Sittiwongsa, Chiangrai Province (Northern Area)

I learn a lot about Tilapia from Manit Farm. They always keep me informed; as if I were a member of the family. The service is excellent; the staffs are very friendly. SuperBlack can reach half-a-kilo size in only 5 months, and some reach one kilo.